Our Logo  

Aced eggs
The name Aced came from my family’s surname ACEVEDO, the side that for generations have been working with hens and eggs. I wanted the name to represent something special to me and also to make sense…

The word ACE has different meanings and I really liked all of them. 

* Ranked the highest card in most card games (I really liked this one in particular and that’s why the logo is black and white)

* a person who excels at a particular sport or other activity

* Very good, top at something

I could then make the eggs represent the name Ace and Aced to describe our eggs.


Egg Stamps

Our eggs are stamped with our unique egg code approved by Safe Food QLD.
We had GA while we waited for our ACED stamp to arrive from Italy; which took so long due to coming by boat and customs (5 months). 



Our business is Certified by the regulator Safe Food QLD

Our Egg Farm as Producer certification number is 126249000

Organic Certification
The feed given to our girls is of best quality and certified by ACO Certified organic; ACO cert.no 11283 and by the USDA Organic.

Our farm/hens is in the process of getting the Organic certification; it is a very long(3 years), committed and expensive process but we will get there. 

We don’t grow anything on our acreage except a small veggie patch for our home; which is organic and chemical free.
We do not spray pesticides, or any chemicals on any soil/ground of our acreage  which is where our hens play and graze on as it is not needed making it as natural as it can be.

Any further questions you have I would happily try and answer them for you