I started our little business in March 2019, and only some would know creating an egg business takes a lot of time, effort and patience (waiting period of 5months to start laying their first egg ) we began supplying highly rated restaurants in Southbank, Brisbane. When COVID19 broke out we had to venture to other markets hence our home deliveries.

How I got into eggs is that it goes back to 3 generations of hen and egg lovers in Colombia; my great grandmother raised her kids with a small egg business of 70 chickens. My grandmother raised her family including my mum with around 150 chickens running around her yard.. And my mum was only until my grandmother passed away that decided to open an egg business to have her always in her thoughts.
I have always loved animals, of any kind; but in my heart I've had a special kind of love for hens as I also was raised by grandma so they were always around me and they bring special memories of growing up even if at the time bringing all 150 chickens into their coop nightly was a nightmare. 
In Colombian culture we eat eggs for breakfast, in lunch and if we are super lucky in our dinner too, so did I here in Australia growing up. it wasn't until i moved out of home and i had to buy my own eggs where i realised over 75% of chickens in Australia were caged (in the last two years has dropped to 50% which makes my heart super happy) for egg production and the terrible conditions they live to fill our hungry bellies. 
I don't know why but to me was a massive shock; as i had only lived with free roaming chickens and i thought that was the standard practice. I could only buy free range from that point on then not much later i then realised all the chemicals and awful unwanted animal parts that chickens are fed; this shocked me even more and made be very selective of what eggs i would buy. Organic and free range thank you. 
As a vegetarian and animal lover i felt betrayed which was my own fault for not knowing exactly what I ate; most vegetarians out there have no idea that chickens are fed high amounts of meat in their diets. And not the good parts either.
With all the changes that are happening to our foods and all the chemicals we are putting in our bodies that has led to so many illnesses and low immune systems made me have the sudden change in life and move away from the city and into an acreage land. I wanted to grow my own veggies and fruits. But.....eggs were missing.

I fell in love with the first 10 baby chicks i purchased and i wanted more as their coop looked too big for them and they would enjoy new friends. I started to build more coops (there is 4) and buy more hens. I have small flock of chickens, i would love to expand and make more coops, get more chooks i can give a happy home to and while at it provide more homes with happy eggs.

The process of living the farm life makes me happy, takes me back to how i grew up and my mum was right whenever I'm around my hens and working with the eggs, grandmas’ presence is everywhere. Everyday. 

I am currently studying to become a veterinarian, so not only you can be sure from a health perspective they are looked after but also from an obsessive animal lover kind of way.